Rubicon Capital Consulting Company is a London based multi-disciplinary research, advisory and professional services firm helping international institutional and private clients to design and implement wealth enhancing legal, financial and tax solutions.

Our vision for our clients is forged by our diverse experience and broad expertise in asset structuring and multi-generational wealth planning and underpinned by the strictest standards of professional ethics, integrity, and discretion.

Rubicon Capital offers its clients a set of turn-key, comprehensive solutions. We serve a diverse global client base of corporations and High Net Worth Individuals and are in tune with our clients’ cultural differences and nuanced expectations. We deliver high quality business advice with meticulous attention to details.

Please direct all enquiries to
Rubicon Capital Consulting Co.
85 Great Portland Street
London W1W 7LT

+44 20 3691 5505

Rubicon Capital Consulting Company Ltd is not authorised to provide investment management services and is not connected with Rubicon Fund Management LLP or Rubicon Asset Management Ltd